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Sergey Sultanov was born in 1976 in Tashkent into the musical family of Fayzulkhak Sultanov and Natalia Pogorelova. He studied at the Uspensky Republican Secondary Special Musical Boarding School, where his brother Alexei Sultanov also studied. He began his studies in the class of Alexander Shtuko before continuing his education in the class of Natalia Vasenkina.
In 1986 the whole Sultanov family moved to Moscow, where Sergey studied in the class of Valery Afanasyev, later with Lubov Varsobina. He was subsequently admitted to the Gnessin School to study with Irina Naumova. After graduating from Gnessin, he entered the Maimonides Academy to pursue studies with famed Professor Naum Shtarkman. He later pursued an advanced degree as assistant intern in the class of Alexey Skanavi.
Sergey is mainly focused on pedagogical work and chamber music performances. In 2017 he received a master's degree in pedagogy. He has performed in Japan, Poland, and Kyrgyzstan amongst others where he has also given master classes. 


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