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The passion and commitment of the volunteer teams of the Nashville International Chopin Piano Competition have helped drive it from concept to reality in an incredibly short time. This group is affectionately known as 'Team Melody'.

'Team Melody' is the backbone of the daily operations of the Competition, providing staffing, correspondence, box office, program selling, and front-of-house help.

Through this extended network of volunteers and their families and friends, the ripples of the Competition have spread throughout the city and become embedded as acts of service in the lives of many in a personal way.

Young pianists stay with Nashville families, rather than in hotels, and form a bond over the Competition days that can create lifelong friendships.


The uniquely nurturing nature of the Competition continues with a team of drivers who deliver Competitors to their practice and performance sessions in the Competition, and the piano owners who open their homes to practicing contestants, providing encouragement, sympathy, and a hot cup of tea as needed. 

A member of 'Team Melody' is assigned to look after each Competitor for pre and post-performance linking in with the experienced tea in the Green Room. 

The heart of the Nashville International Chopin Piano Competition is re-discovering the love of piano performance, and embracing the ambition, passion, fears, and experiences of all involved in the Competition. We invite you to be a part of the Competition, by becoming a volunteer as part of 'Team Melody' and enjoying this uniquely uplifting experience.

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